about us

Black Acres Estates is country living with High Speed Internet and modern, convenient services. If one wants to live in a place where the stars in the night sky are still visible yet not be cut off from neighbors, friends and family, this is the place to call home.

Our Mission

 Develop approximately half acre or greater lots with beautiful, well built homes located in a rural, safe setting.  Combine privacy and freedom with modern conveniences for growing connectivity to the outside world.  Our goal is to inspire creativity and enrich life by implementing an environmentally rich setting where one still has the broadband to upload their kid’s homework assignment, stream and work from home.  

Our Values

We strive to Build High Quality, Luxury Homes that are far superior to and perform vastly better than mere industry standard.  Our work will stand the test of time because what is not seen underneath is equally as important to us as the fine finishes that are placed upon it.   We aim to deliver our very best work every single day as we no longer just do things better than the competition, but do everything better than we’ve ever done them before.

"Black Acres Estates is simply a better destination. See What Can Be Done With Mere Sticks and Bricks!"

Look What Can Be Done With Mere Sticks and Bricks!

November, 2022: Black Acres Estates is so proud to have hosted The Miss Idaho Pageant 2022, Sarah Jensen.  Our subdivision was selected as the beauty of our builds were noticed by pageant officials and chosen to host.  It was an honor and distinct privilege that we will never forget.